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Live album


released January 19, 2017

German Leksikov - Vocal/Guitar
Rocco Bolognino - Drums



all rights reserved


The Bear Honk of the Reckless King Mons, Belgium

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Track Name: Intro and Speed
Speed, the wind in your hair, adrenaline's going through your veins,
Try to stop it but you can't.
Every time another feeling. When you think that's the end, but no my friend, it isn't yet.
When it's finished, you realise - it's fucking cool,
After that you wanna do this again and again.
Speed, the wind in your hair, adrenaline's going through your veins.
Hair stands up on your arms and on your legs,
You'll never forget this sensation. You're feeling good, you're feeling free.
Just fly away from here, from the ground.
At the end, you breathe out and your body's feeling great.
Track Name: New Year Is Coming
New Year is coming over us
We’re all waiting for a better chance
But have you finished yet with those from last year?

We’re wishing each other a lot of good things
We hope it’s gonna be the best of all years
But is a hangover a good way to begin?

New Year is here

Through our laughs and our tears
Track Name: The Irish Pub Song
We're all come from the Irish,
We need some fuckin' beer.
We're gonna drink to midnight,
And after we'll kick your ass.

We ask more crisps to barman,
The Irish Pub is the best.

We're all come from the Irish,
We can't live without that,
We're really happy drinkers,
Now we never wanna be clear.

For the end gimme five pints please,
The Irish Pub is the best.
Track Name: The Last Song
Love gives us the power,
Love gives us the smile.
But don't forget that love can be transformed in hate,
It's just because you give it back, bad.
You know that love make you smile and make you cry - you don't know why, you don't know why...
Till the last breath.

And till the last day on the earth.

And till the last dance and song.
Track Name: Liar
All the tricks that you can use, they’re just to make me feel,
Like you feel during your life.
Build a world of your redemption through the eyes of different types of people just to give them a picture of a lie.
Raise a universe to give freedom, for the mind,
To leave your soul at the upper level. No heaven, no hell.
No devil or angel. But a neutral land.
Dream of a fool without the wall between life and death.
Make you happy ? Make you sad ? Can't describe it,
Cause you're empty as a sea without fish or any lives.
Cause you're an empty sea.

Your life is a lie.
Track Name: Green Liquid
You make me fly and make me smile,
I'm feeling free wherever I'm staying.
You help to live, you can change the world to the best of our dreams,
Extend the peace for all of us.
No more ennemies, just our good friends,
With the music in your ears, you're just in ecstasy.
It brings me away, calms myself down and relaxes it too, to the end of the night...
For better world you were made, in heaven you can change our hell...
Make me fly, make me smile...